Adrian Le Digabel

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Adrian Le Digabel

Model, Actor, Artist


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I started modelling when I was about 5 years old. I love the camera, I love being on the set. It allows me to meet new people, make new friends, experience new things, everything is so different from what we learn at school. I have so many great memories from my shoots. As a model, I worked for various brands like Vicomte Arthur, 3 Suisses, Etam, Massimo Dutti, Cyrillus, Kiabi, Du Pareil au même, Le Bon Marché and also for magazines like Kids Magazine, Parents, Melijoe, Doolittle, KaDeWe Magazine. I also made commercials for LEGO and several times for Disneyland Paris...

Vicomte Arthur, Etam, Phildar Marie Claire, Ford, Le Bon Marché Paris, Melijoe, Du pareil au même, Cyrillus, 3 Suisses, Massimo Dutti, Parents Magazine, Doolittle Magazine, Best Mountain by Bazarchic, Kids Magazine, Zoobug London, Buissonnière Belgium

Lego and Disneyland Paris

Judo ,football, ping-pong, lego

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Jr Model Magazine No.2

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