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Zion Joel Rupert

Zion is a 6-year-old high-spirited, creative, daring, and passionate young dancer who first showed his love for dance at the age of 3…where he self-taught himself by watching YouTube videos, or any dance shows that came on television. He didn't start receiving technical training until the age of five; that's where he amazed any dance teacher he came in contact with. In less than a year of dancing, Zion has had the pleasure of working with some of today's top choreographers, as well as other living legends in the dance world. He was the youngest to ever personally receive a full scholarship by Ms Debbie Allen (into the Debbie Allen Dance Academy), where he is currently a full-time student. Zion is also a student at The H.E.ARTS Program in Los Angeles, California, ran by living legend Eartha Robinson, where he's trained to be a triple threat in acting, singing, and dancing.

Zion also works in the entertainment industry as a working model and actor. Having landed commercial gigs, a spreading campaign for Disney's Incredible 2, being offered one of the leading roles, "Fritz," in Tchaikovsky's holiday classic, "The Nutcracker…" Zion is just getting started. His dream is to one day travel in the Broadway Production, "The Lion King," as Simba. Zion is also not a stranger when it comes to the competitive dance world. He's taken home 1st place trophies in the minis division for Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip-Hip.

Aside from dancing, Zion plays football, (team captain) and baseball. He does gymnastics, karate, parkour/tricking, and has now found a new interest in the drums and the piano. Even being well-rounded in many different things, Zion's number one passion is and has always been dance, FIRST. He loves trying new things and is not afraid of a challenge.