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Victor & Hugo Torrens - modelling twins from Brazil

When we were little, my father's German friend, who was a model, liked us and asked us to take a picture of us at the modelling agency in which he worked. Our mom gave him a very homemade photo where we were wearing a June Party* hat and eating cake. Even though, the agency liked it and said that when something came up, they would invite us. It was an agency focused on adults, so they called for testing once or twice a year.

When we turned nine, our mother saw a contest on Facebook for the Kids Fashion Show parade, and Victor was approved to model for Gant brand. We were very happy, and from there we started to think about how to get to know this world of fashion better.

Victor's first commercial was for Hyundai HB20, and in fashion, it was for man's wear Aramis brand. Hugo's first commercial was for Rede Globo vignette and photo was for Itaú Bank.

We enjoyed all the jobs as we had to travel. One of my favourites was for Santos Yacht Club in Angra dos Reis, and for Hugo, it was the clothes' brand Banana Danger. We got to know new places, and we had a lot of fun while we were working.

'I really enjoyed recording for the Netflix TV series "3%" and having to be portrayed for the character was the best part'. (Victor)

'A job that I really enjoyed also was roleplaying the actor Rodrigo Santoro in his childhood on the DJ Ocean clip. Alok'. (Hugo)

All the producers that we have worked with have always been very nice and we only have good memories.

I like to listen to a song and try to play it on the guitar. I also like to play soccer and win matches. (Victor)

I love playing soccer, basketball and studying; I did capoeira for three years. I played tennis, and now I'm in futsal. At school I like math, and in my free time, I like to play Clash of Clans. I do not like to have nothing to do. (Hugo)

The important thing is not to strive until you can do it, but enjoy yourself as much as possible and not be someone you're not.

(*) June Party is a traditional folk party in Brazil where participants dress up like cowboys.