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Tristan Gerzon: No one should be bullied because of what they are passionate about.

My parents told me I started dancing when I was three years old in my living room. We always had music on in the house, so I danced all the time. They would buy me a variety of music DVD's, and I loved watching and learning from the artists. I would dance along with them on T.V. and even dress up like them to put on a show for my family. I would fall asleep listening to music and would wake up dancing! One day, my mom saw me do the splits while I was dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." She never saw anything like it and knew I had something unique and special, so she registered me into dance classes. My parents have always been supportive of my passion and my dreams of one day being a dance choreographer/mentor to other young dancers.

I have danced at my studio, The Dance Zone in Canada for seven years. I have been in full-time competitive dance for five years. My favourite style is contemporary, but I train in ballet, acrobatics, jazz, tap and hip-hop. My inspirations are all the teachers that believed in my abilities and encouraged me to be the best I can be. I have learned from many world-class choreographers through dance conventions and regional/national competitions. I was truly honoured to be a member of the Dancer Palooza BeatSquad 2018 in San Diego, California.

Being a young boy who dances can be difficult especially at school where people can be mean with their words and actions. No one should be bullied because of what they are passionate about. I took the opportunity to be in my Dance team at school to show bravery and courage. I wanted to show the bullies that their negative behaviour will not stop me from pursuing my passion for dance, it'll only fuel my fire. I am very grateful and blessed for my friends, family and teachers and the entire dance family who understand and support me.