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The Kid of Pop

Ten-year-old Michael Jackson tribute performer OTIS PHOENIX is the UK's No1 Mini MJ tribute dancer THE KID OF POP™. Keeping the KING OF POP' Michael Jackson's legacy alive with his mesmerizing dance routines and performances.

Born in England in 2009, Otis Phoenix was just seven weeks old, when The King of Pop sadly passed away. Yet, Otis was so inspired by Michael Jackson's music and legendary dance performances, that at the age of 7 years old, he began spending hours practising and perfecting MJ's famous dance moves and routines, paying tribute to his idol with his family and friends as the audience and soon earning himself the nickname THE KID OF POP.

"The first time my Mum played me the song Black or white, I was about seven years old. I had never seen Michael Jacksons before and was just so amazed by this incredible dancer that I decided from that moment that I wanted to be a performer too."

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