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Taiga Kodama-Pomfret

I love classical ballet. It is so much fun and, although I don't know exactly why, I just have to do it. When I started at the age of 9, I didn't think I wanted to dance professionally. My mother was trained with a strong Russian influence, and just after I turned 11 she took me to see the Bolshoi Ballet on their 2016 visit to London. When I came out of that performance of Swan Lake, my life had changed and I knew what I had to do! I begged my mother into taking me twice more that week.

I kept applying for vocational ballet schools and was finally accepted at Elmhurst, starting in Year 9 this autumn. I've done quite a few shows with my mother's ballet group, which are great opportunities to dance both classical repertoire and original ballets. I had a great time in the very first RAD Project B Dance Challenge.

I'm very lucky that all my family, from grandparents to little brother, support and encourage me in so many ways. My mother has been my teacher, mentor and friend, and I wouldn't have got this far without her.

I have been fantastically fortunate to meet some of the top dancers of the Bolshoi, who have given me huge encouragement. I was told: if I want to dance, I should never give up no matter what others might say. I hope to be like them, and perhaps one day inspire and encourage new younger dancers.