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Spotlight: Danceworks Ballet Academy (London, UK)

Danceworks Ballet Academy was founded in 2015 with the belief that the arts have a unique power to motivate and engage children and teenagers to achieve excellence. Their focus is to identify and develop young talent to work towards the highest level of classical ballet formation and to enable those who want to enter into a professional career in any of the various forms of dance or theatre arts.

The goal is to nurture students in the classical art form while combining professional performing opportunities, sparking the artist within to emerge as well as building a life-long appreciation of the arts. Academy students are encouraged to join the Danceworks Youth Ballet Company which performs full-length professional ballets at London theatres twice a year.

The Academy is based at Danceworks long-established and renowned professional London studios which are committed to providing the highest quality ballet and dance courses for adults and now younger dancers of all levels.

The Academy offers classes every day – after school and at weekends - and is proud of its unique non-exam based International Ballet Curriculum which offers the highest calibre training available for young dancers in London, integrating the best of international dance training.

The Academy's patrons include former Royal Ballet Principal and Director of Men in Motion, Ivan Putrov, and Erico Montes, First Artist of The Royal Ballet who is also the Artistic Co-Director.

Erico also teaches a weekly open Classical Ballet for Men & Boys class every Sunday at Danceworks (4-5.30pm) which boys of intermediate level from 10 years can attend...

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