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Sienna Grajski: Just Remember to Work as Hard as You Can.

Hi, I’m Sienna. I have been modelling and acting since I was eight years old in New York City. I started modelling and dancing because I liked expressing myself. I have been studying ballet seriously for a few years but started when I was five years old. I love modelling because I can find outfits I love and share them on social media. Dance is really fun because it helps me get more flexible and to meet new people. My favourite style of music is pop music. Pop music has a good beat and usually relatable topics.

I get my inspiration from famous models like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Hill. In music Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are inspirational. All of these women have changed their worlds whether it be modelling or music. I would love to meet them one day. I am looking forward to New York and Paris fashion week this year. I love seeing all the different looks. Many times I get my ideas from there. I can also improve my runway walk. My biggest goals include modelling for Ralph Lauren or getting a commercial. I love sports, my favourite is skiing. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced was bullying. Many people at my school tease me for modelling and being eloquent. People have said that I show-off or think I’m an Instagram star. I dealt with it by saying that it’s not true and moving on. I just focus on my career and the challenges ahead of me. I think you should live by the fact that if you make a mistake, not to hang on to it. If others do, then that can be hurtful, especially if they didn’t make the same mistake. Just remember to work as hard as you can and be a responsible leader.