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Patric Annetta

My Mum says "I was dancing before I could walk". I always felt freedom when I would dance around and play. I was an idiopathic toe walker and was serial cast several times. When I was 7, I had heel cord lengthening surgery. I really didn't know if and how this would impact my love of dance. The rehab was challenging, but well worth it — lots of physio, pilates, night splints and shock wave therapy.

My journey for dance was brought to life the day I walked into Terry Simpson dance studios.

Miss Simpson's love and passion for her craft are infectious. I started RAD syllabus. I loved it, the people there were so kind and supportive, and there were two other boys in my class. I am currently studying grade 6, Interfound, contemporary, jazz, tap, limber and pointe. I love pointe, and it's helped with my strength for ballet.

I am a constant work in progress. Miss Simpson has spent tireless hours teaching me how to walk properly as the toe walking had changed my posture. My teachers are so caring and particular and have so much patience. I've done lots of workshops, but my favourite teachers/choreographers are Miss Simpson and Miss Brooke Arnold for ballet, my Aidan Munn for contemporary and boys class, miss Ellen Gurrs for jazz and Mr Thomas Hall for tap.