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Parker James Fullmore

Parker fell in love with dance when he saw a production of The Nutcracker as a toddler. He began taking classes at the local community centre and by age 6, he joined the competitive dance team at Dancyn Studios and then Dance City and the Arts where he won his first dance title, Mini Mr Turn It Up! In addition to dancing competitively for the next three years, he performed various roles in the Nutcracker over the next four years. At age 9, he was cast in his dream role of Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical, and he has the distinction of being the youngest boy to ever play the role in the 13-year history of the show worldwide. Billy is an extremely challenging role but also very rewarding! He was fortunate to play Billy again in several productions from coast to coast for the next few years and even won the Perry Award for Outstanding Performance in a Musical for his portrayal of Billy.

During summer breaks, Parker attended the Joffrey Ballet School intensives in NYC and Las Vegas on merit scholarship where he trained with the hottest choreographers/dancers and Broadway stars as well as the incredible Joffrey instructors. Some of his favourites are Lex Ishimoto (SYTYCD) and Michael Dameski (World of Dance)

His family made a move to Hollywood where he worked in TV/Film, starring in several commercials, recording an original pop song, Dreams Come True and even appearing on Dance Moms. His work continued to receive recognition as he won the London Independent Film Award: Best Child Actor for his performance in the short film, Tradition and he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Music Video for his role in George Watsky’s Love Letters.

But it wasn't always glamorous; often he was the only boy in his dance classes sometimes the kids at school could be cruel, calling him names and shoving him. And he ate lunch alone almost all of the 6th grade. He didn't let it deter his passion for performing, and funnily enough, his tormentors were the first to claim they were his "good friend" when they saw him on TV! Through the ups and downs, Parker has stayed grounded spending time with his true friends and supportive family.

Up next, Parker has been cast in a documentary film entitled Why Dance! It will follow six young male dancers and show what it takes to be a young dancer/actor....