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Navin Jacobs

I started dancing at the age of 12, which is very late according to my dance teacher. In the beginning, I was bullied a lot. My peers told me that dancing is a sport for girls and boys should not do it.

I was fortunate to have a very supportive family and a group of friends. My mom always told me not to care about what other people had to say about me and my dancing especially if it was things that I didn’t like to hear. Even though I was always bullied, I held on to my mom’s word, until I reached a stage whereby I was not bothered, and their negative words didn’t hurt anymore. All those bruises and scars have made me strong now, strong enough to take any bully on.

My mom told me that when I was a baby, I had an ear for the classical type of music. I remember watching my older sister dancing on stage. I was mesmerised how her body could tell a story and touched the audience. It was like watching a movie, with no words only hand gestures and facial expressions. Thanks to her I fell in love with the art. I like the fact that I can tell my own story using no words yet I will be heard. Dance allows me to be myself and be completely comfortable in my skin. It allows me to say whatever my heart desires without me worrying about what people must say or what they think. Dancing has always been my comfort.

Over the last three years, I’ve done a variety of dance styles. I started with Contemporary, and then I added ballet and Spanish, I did some Jazz, Modern, character and a little bit of hip-hop. I now dance only with Jozi Youth Dance Company. From time to time Jayd would invite other teachers that will teach me different dance styles. Some weeks I train up to 32 hours, mastering my skills and doing body conditioning.

My favourite dance styles are contemporary and ballet. Contemporary gives me the freedom to move the stage as much as I want to. I can make a mistake look awesome. Ballet gives me lots of discipline, helping me to be very controlled. It helps to keep my body in shape too:)

Recently I dance in Dance Star competition. I nailed the Best Male Dance Award and resulted in me winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Croatia next year May.

My dream is to become a professional dancer after I have finished school. Currently, I’m planning to audition to join the Sydney Dance Company in Australia and Alvin Ailey in New York.