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Miguel Kenneth Franco-Green

Miguel started dancing when he was five years old, starting with hip-hop, Miguel repeatedly asked to join the ballet class. With South Africa being a largely sports dominated country, his parents were concerned about the bullying and stereotypes he would encounter. But his love of Ballet was evident and won out in the end. Miguel also trained in Modern, Tap, Hip-hop.

Over the last three years, Miguel has focussed on his ballet and contemporary and has achieved what no other South Africa Ballet boys of his age have ever managed to do. His dedication and work ethic have proven that our SA Ballet Boys are do not have to be the underdogs, but with the right training and support, Miguel and other boys like him can make a mark on both local and international stages. Miguel, at only 12 years old, has a deeply rooted belief that he can be an ambassador for South African Boys in Ballet.

Knowing the stigma of being a classical dancer in SA, Miguel was bullied by fellow dancers in his early ballet path but quickly learned to focus his energy on what he loves and that he doesn't need the approval of his peers to dictate his direction.

With aspirations of becoming an internationally recognised Ballet Dancer, Miguel is a part of a customised high-performance training program whereby he trains six days a week with a number of teachers/professionals who collaborated to provide the best possible training for him. He is blessed to have training in both the RAD and CuDanSA ballet methods. Doing his RAD Intermediate Exam in September 2018, Miguel studies with the Carstens Ireland Ballet Studio, under RAD Solo Seal Ballet Mistress Natasha Ireland, Sandra Carstens, Angela and Michael Revie. Miguel also studies the Cuban Ballet Method, through a joint venture with the Cuban Embassy and SA Ballet Patron and International Judge, Dirk Badenhorst, with a teacher from Cuba Ayren Villalon Torguet, currently preparing for his CuDanSA exams in October.

Over the past few years Miguel was the youngest Male SA ballet dancer to be accepted/invited to the New York finals of the Youth America Grand Prix, not once but two years running 2017, and 2018.

In 2018 at the YAGP awards ceremony, Miguel was awarded a summer school scholarship to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in New York.

In 2017 at the IBAA competition in Seoul Korea, Miguel performed only a contemporary solo, however, the Dean of the K-Arts University in Seoul, Professor Sun-Hee Kim, awarded only two Ballet scholarships, one of which was to Miguel. This was for three weeks of intensive training with her at K-Arts. Miguel attended in January 2018, and it made a significant impact on his ballet technique.

At the IBAA workshops in 2017 Miguel was honoured to meet ballet legend Julio Bocca. Miguel was also the youngest male competitor in the SAIBC in 2018, and made it through to semi-finals, dancing in the same category as boys up to 16 years of age. At SA's only affiliated International Ballet competition held in Cape Town, Miguel was awarded two summer school scholarships, one to the Annarella Institute of Ballet in Leiria Portugal, which he just completed in July 2018. And the second, to the Berlin State Ballet in Berlin Germany, which he is hoping to attend at the end of 2018 or January of 2019...