Blog post

Harry Sills

When I started ballet at age 5, it was all about the marshmallows. My sister was given one at the end of her class, and I wanted one too. Mum said they were only for the dancers, so that was my incentive. After a few classes, I was hooked on ballet, AND I got the marshmallows!

I also learn jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and tap. My passion is ballet, but I love hip-hop too because it’s an entirely different style.

Recently I was cast as Billy Elliot in the New Zealand production. That experience was life-changing; I realised I wanted to be involved in this industry for the rest of my life. I’m pretty lucky to have the opportunity to make it a career, but I know it’s a really competitive industry. To do well, I have to work hard. I’m grateful that my parents support me and encourage me to do my best and persevere, especially when things are tough.

Dance has taught me resilience. I’ve been bullied since I was little, just for doing ballet. It gets tough to deal with, especially when it’s from my “friends”. I’ve learnt over the years that bullies are either ignorant, threatened or jealous. My biggest piece of advice is to surround yourself with people who support you.