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Guy Pik

I was born on 16th February 2005. Ever since I was a baby, I couldn't stop moving and always followed my heart when it comes to music and movement. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. I began to dance because of my sister. From that moment I knew that is what I want to do, to dance!

Since that day I never stopped dancing, and I keep growing to love it more and more. My favourite style of dance is Musical theatre and Lyrical. I love Musical theatre because it allows me to show people the side of me that is very fun, quirky and eccentric. Lyrical on the other hand allows me to express myself and communicate with people through dance. At the age of 5, my mum decided to enrol me in a small dancing studio in Glen Huntly, Victoria. I immediately took to it and loved being involved in every group dance I did. To this day, dancing still fills my heart with joy and happiness. It helps keep me fit and healthy, as well as focus on my mental wellbeing. When I dance I feel free, am having fun & enjoying the moment. Every time I dance, my energy level triples in strength!

From 2014-2017 I have completed all Examinations by the Australian Teachers Of Dancing ATOD. During these years I have won numerous 1st place awards in many dance competitions and events. Some of these include 2015 Crown International Dance Championship (1st Place in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Morden Expressive and Tap), 2015 Lion King Production- 4th place Finalist, 2015 Oliver The Production- 3rd Finalist, 2015 and 2017 LOcREaDO Dance Program Directed by Loredo Malcolm Selected as the youngest Soloist And won The Contemporary Award and 2016 Diamond Jubilee-south Pacific – (1st Place Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary). One of the most inspirational and rewarding dance experiences I have had is when I successfully auditioned for the current 2016 IDO Australian Dance Team off to the Korean IDO Dance Cup Challenge. The IDO Dance competitions are the biggest and most professional organised in the world. I was lucky enough to travel to South Korea with my team and placed as the youngest dancer to perform four solos and to dance in troupe dances.

I came home with seven gold medals that I am very proud of. I will never forget this amazing opportunity and the support that I get from my family who travelled with me. This helped encourage me and push me to develop my dance career further and keep pursuing my passion. In 2017 I also attended the auditions in the Melbourne City Youth Ballet's season of Peter Pan and was even offered the lead role of Peter Pan! I am now 13 years old and recently auditioned to join Patrick Studios Australia. They help remind me every day why I dance, and how important it is to follow your passions and dreams! (No matter how big or small they are!)

When I am older, I wish to complete the Full-Time course with Patrick studios in Australia. This program is for people who have finished school. This program goes on for 3-5 years. When I complete the course, I wish to go on Broadway and be apart of amazing musicals.

At school, I am very rarely bullied by my peers. All of my friends support me and always cheer me on. However, there have been times where I have been in situations where people weren't always so nice. They call me names and it hurt my feelings. However, I don't listen to them. My passion for dance is too strong. When the situation gets too bad, I talk to someone like my parents, brother or sister. We have a long conversation about it, and it helped me overcome this situation.