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Featured dancer: JT Church

I started dancing when I was five years old. I went with my family to a local town celebration called Haymarket Day in Haymarket, VA. They shut down the street and have a parade and food and different vendors. My old studio, Gainesville Dance Center, marched in the parade and then they danced on a stage set up for entertainment. I watched all their dances and then afterwards told my parents I wanted to take a dance class. My parents called the studio, and they offered to let me take a jazz boogie-fever class for free. I loved the class and made my Mom get me proper jazz shoes before the next week. I've been dancing ever since!

I dance because it is part of me. I love to express myself through dance. When I'm not dancing at my studio, I'm usually watching dancing on Youtube or dancing around my house. It takes all my effort to just get thru dinner without getting up to turn or move - it drives my Mom crazy! LOL! The most important lesson that dance has taught me is to be myself.

My Mom always tells me that I'm the only person in the whole world that can dance like me and to just be myself! I try hard not to compare myself to other people. It's easy to fall into place where you are always comparing yourself or wishing you could do things that other people can do. I try to focus on my own growth as a dancer and be happy in my own skin...

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