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Eric Nimchuck

I started dancing when I was 5 years old and in Kindergarten. My older sister was a dancer and I begged my mom to let me dance too. My sister did a competition dance and I wanted to perform on stage like her.

My favourite styles of dance are ballet, contemporary, lyrical and jazz. I am in the pre-professional ballet training program at Edge Studios. I train approximately 20 hours a week in mostly ballet and contemporary dance, and I also train in lyrical and jazz. I also learn and practice competition numbers for competitions. Last summer I trained for a month with Royal Winnipeg Ballet in their Summer Intensive. I have also attended many dance conventions across Canada and the United States.

I have danced at Velocity Dance Convention National Competition and danced onstage with pop singers Becky G and Hailey Steinfeld. I also competed and came in 2nd runner-up National Mini MVA. I also competed with Nuvo Dance convention and received the Breakout Artist Winner award. Recently I competed in the World Ballet Arts Grand Prix and placed 2nd. My goal is to become a professional dancer and I would love to get into a ballet company. Right now I would love to live in Europe, and my big dream would be to dance with the Royal Ballet or Paris Opera Ballet.

My family is very supportive and have helped me every step of the way. They always support and encourage me. 7 days a week they drive me and my sister to and from dance classes, practices and competitions. My mom and dad are always there watching and cheering me on when I compete and help me through any struggles I may have.

When I was at my regular school for Kindergarten to Grade 4, most kids didn't understand that I danced and a few boys called me weak and weird because I danced and didn't do regular sports like hockey and soccer. That was frustrating and upset me a lot. But I loved to dance so much and I pushed through because of it. At my new sports school more people are understanding what I do, and more accepting. I am lucky to have 6 other boys that are in the dance program rather than being the only boy dancer.

When I was younger sometimes people wouldn't initially take me seriously and understand my dreams for the future and how seriously I took dance. I feel like I had to always explain how important dance was to me. Sometimes in classes and dance conventions, girls would tell me to dance in the back or move out of their way, and I had to stick up for myself and not let those things happen.

It's important to find the right environment both in school and dance studios because it really matters. At my current dance school, everyone knows how important dance is for me and they help me to achieve all my goals.

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