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Diego Garcia Rendon

Diego Garcia Rendon © The Photo Grammar Studios
Diego Garcia Rendon © The Photo Grammar Studios

I'm a 14-year-old Mexican boy living in Australia. I've been training in dance since I was nine and it's completely changed my life.

My parents say that since I was a baby, I had natural rhythm, but they never imagined I would dedicate myself to professional dance.

My academic education was challenging. My teachers met with my parents often, calling me "overactive." I was diagnosed with ADHD. Thankfully, a doctor suggested I play sports to channel my extra energy and avoid medication.

After trying swimming and soccer, I discovered dance by coincidence. A friend invited me to their dance school showcase. I was fascinated with the music, movement, and artistic expression. At that moment, I discovered my purpose. But it wasn't all fun and games. Now, I was being bullied for being a dancer.

My parents saw my love and passion for dance, and we began searching for dance schools overseas...

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