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Brady Farrar

I discovered the love of dance at the age of 5 when my dad was deployed to Iraq with the US Army. I fell in love with dance because it was a way for me to express my feelings while he was gone. When I was 8, I decided to take my training to the next level and moved with my mom to Miami to train under Victor Smalley and Angel Armas. While training in Miami, I was separated from my dad and brothers for two years. There were many hard times, but with their love and support, I was able to grow as a dancer.

I love all styles of dance, but my favourites are contemporary, ballet and ballroom. My favourite dance award was winning the Hope Award at the YAGP Finals in New York City in 2017. I am also a two time Best Dancer at the Dance Awards. My favourite performance was dancing at the David A Koch Theater in Lincoln Center at the 2017 YAGP Finals in New York City. It is my favourite because of all the famous dancers and performers who have performed there!

My career goal is to be a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theater or Royal Ballet. My family is very supportive of me. My biggest fan is my mom! Without her, I would not be the dancer I am today. She always encourages me to be a better person and dancer.

Kids used to make fun of me when I younger, but not so much anymore. I do still experience bullying on social media, but I choose to ignore it!

In my free time, I like to play video games and cards.