Talent Wanted Magazine No.10

Talent Wanted Magazine No.10

United Kingdom


In this issue:

In the cover story of the issue we feature amazing Oscar Stembridge, a 12 years old pop singer from Sweden. Oscar has been performing and making music since a very young age. He began playing the piano at five years old and quickly progressed to acoustic guitar, ukulele and drums. He has always felt a calling to perform - singing and playing live performances since he was six years old. Oscar has built up a strong global following on social media and now has more than 150,000 followers.

We are also publishing two amazing editorials by absolutely talented photographers - Olesja Mueller, a professional photographer from the USA, and Meena, a slef-taught photographer from Denmark.

The two other talents are represented by gorgeous Sienna Grajski, a fashion model from the USA, and Owen Osborne, an award-winning kid chef, also from the USA.

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Patrick M. Heaney Jr
Oscar Stembridge
Owen Osborne
Sienna Grajski

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