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Russian Ballet College

Russian Ballet College


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Our College aims at the excellence of dance at an international level. Our College adopts the A.Vaganova teaching method with application of the Russian Ministerial program which includes the study of the following subjects: classical, pointe lessons, repertoire, historical dance, character dance, modern-contemporary dance, rhythmic gymnastics and teaching of Russian language. The duration of the study is 8 years, from the first grade to the fifth high school.
At the end of the program the most deserving students will be able to continue their studies in the best dance academies in the world: for Classical dance at the Choreographic Academy of Moscow of the State Academic Dance Theater Gzhel, for contemporary dance at Academies in London, Amsterdam , New York Ballet. Internationally renowned professors and lecturers not only train new professional dancers, but also transmit to students, through the discipline of dance, education and culture

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