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The children's and youth casting agency RosKids is one of the most famous in Moscow today. Over the years, we have provided an opportunity for young actors and models to try their hand at the professional industry.

We constantly take part in the selection for a variety of projects: from small studio to long-term large-scale filming. It's no secret that young actors and models can get extremely lucrative contracts. Casting agency RosKids is a good example. To do this, we have the greatest opportunities, since we cooperate with a huge number of large customers - leaders in the market in various fields.

Today RosKids is the only casting agency in Russia, whose name is officially registered trademark. For us, this is an indicator of a serious and professional attitude to all aspects of the agency's activities.

To support young talents, we have educational courses.

In the process of entertainment and play the child will get acquainted with the basics of acting and the features of the stage speech, learn to use non-verbal means of communication, learn the secrets of posing and the rules of applying makeup. This useful and fascinating experience will leave wonderful memories and help the child to find many new friends. Moreover, the training in our school can reveal those talents that neither you nor the young talent could guess.

Even if your child does not think about the career of a model or an actor, he can get immense pleasure and a lot of useful practical skills: the ability to stay in a big company, beautifully and confidently talk and move, do not be shy of the photo and video camera. All this, agree, will help him in the future in various spheres of life, including, of course, in his chosen profession.

We are always in search of new ways to implement the most interesting and complex projects involving children. Perhaps this is where the most cherished dream of your child will come true.

Do not hesitate! Make a step towards success right now!

Our goal is to create optimal conditions for the formation and development of a harmonious personality of the child.

With respect and hope for fruitful cooperation, casting agency RosKids.

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Mark Grogan

8 since Jan 26, 2021

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VTS is a school for both those looking for serious training to progress to vocational college and those who enjoy dance and want to have fantastic opportunities.

My daughter has been with Claire since she was 5 and has had great training and amazing opportunities to perform.

I would recommend VTS to anyone that is looking for a school that nurtures and feels like a real family.

Jan 31, 2021



I went to this dance school as a teenager myself and absolutely loved it and improved so much.
My daughter who is 5 years old has been going here for 2 years and she is progressing and doing amazing. Plus she really enjoys it, professional teaching and all the dance teachers are lovely.

Jan 31, 2021

Adele Townley


My daughter has been a student at Valentine Theatre School for 6 months. During this period she has been given excellent tuition to help to improve her technique, balance and physical health. I would recommend this school to any parent who is considering a dance school for their child.

Jan 31, 2021

Sarah Heaton


A welcoming and supportive school for both boys and girls. Every child is given a chance to reach their full potential!

Jan 31, 2021



Lovely friendly school where boys are made to feel welcome and included

Jan 31, 2021

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