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Moda Moda is a fashion agency founded by the former model Silvia Torchio in 1984.

At its early stages, the agency was managing international adult models and later on in the 90's the focus shifted towards kids and teenagers.

Professionalism, experience and versatility, together with love and respect towards kids made and still make Moda Modà able to cooperate with the major international brands in the fashion, publicity and cinema industries.

After a rigorous selection process, every kid is welcomed to the Moda Modà family to start his/her junior model career. Thanks to a constant renewal in the national and international talent scouting processes and tools, Moda Moda can offer to its clients a wide range of choices, which are suitable for any specific need.

The success and enthusiasm of every signed contract for the kids are shared by each member of the Moda Moda agency with kids and their family.

Today Moda Moda is considered one of the top agencies of its sector thanks to its strong principles towards a continuous professional growth.

39 since Jan 26, 2021

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