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Luxury brand for children.

Designed for the fashionista in mind, Mischka Aoki delivers luxury fashion for children range from 1 – 10 years olds. Our emphasis is creating a range that is limited and exclusive – unlike anything you have seen before.

Mischka Aoki is an Australian label that since its launch in 2009, has fast becoming known around the globe for our stand out, show stopper pieces, unique designs and luxurious fabrics.

In just a few short years, we have proven ourselves as an international luxury brand for children and can be found at high end boutiques and selected department stores worldwide including Australia, UK, USA, Middle East, Spain, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and many more.

Associated with:

Arinka Anfalova
Sofia Razuvaeva
Stefaniya Shcherbakova

16 since Jan 29, 2021

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