Legacy Dance Complex



To build a safe, happy and positive complex for performers and provide them with top tier dance education. BREAK THE RULES, make new ones and help dancers in Australia become the best version of themselves as they embark on their journey to become an international artist.

As a student with Legacy Dance Company (LDC), you will enjoy all the benefits that this exciting company has to offer. We value our students and parents and our strength is derived from our people and our training methods. We understand the importance of encouraging children, we strive for excellence.

Legacy Dance Company aims to provide our students with excellent training and the necessary tools and support for their personal growth in this industry. Using the exclusive LDC formula we will unite to create magic and the next generation of elite performers.

It is important that you are confident, in a safe learning environment and are having fun. It is equally important that LDC students achieve a high standard of skills from excellent training.

11 since Jan 25, 2021

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