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Milou, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Kidz Management, combines her love for the media in general and her love for children in particular by creating a children’s modelling agency based on an entirely new concept.

The operating base for her internationally orientated company is in the Netherlands. Milou’s personal touch is one of her USPs.

In recent years, Milou, who graduated from the School of Arts in Utrecht in 2016, frequently worked in the world of entertainment. During these years among others she contributed to the production of television programmes and online videos.

Subsequently, Milou started as a manager of children on social media (Instagram) with considerable accounts. She soon realized that her unique approach on the internet was an untapped market.

By working as she does, Milou gives children a national and international platform as a solid basis to enhance their reputation.

Milou has a sparkling personality and a lot of drive. She also thinks ‘out of the box’ and has a passion for her models 24/7.

Kidz Management wants to reflect our multicultural society. Therefore Milou is always on the lookout for new faces, since our society changes constantly. Milou concentrates on children with a size up to and including size 176.

Some children work exclusively for Kidz Management. This enables Milou to successfully build a modelling career for these children.

The main goal of Kidz Management is the acquisition and management of orders for your child. Kidz Management can also help your son or daughter to create a portfolio.

In short: Milou takes the burden off the parents while caring for their children as their personal manager!

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