Jr Model Magazine No.2

Jr Model Magazine No.2

United Kingdom


In our second issue of Jr. Model Magazine, we are presenting stories told by 25 'tween' models who have already been in the industry for a while. Each of them has their own unique experience and background. They are sharing their ups and downs, successes and failures, ebbs and flows. Many of them are not limiting themselves to modelling only but also appear in films, sing, play in the theatre, create fashion items, etc. No matter how diverse their experiences are, they all have one thing in common: hard work and dedication. The leitmotif of their stories is this: ‘Stop calling it a dream, start calling it your plan!' Enjoy your reading!

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Emily Feld
Claire Capek
Ekaterina Perova
Emma Lou Cunningham
Patrycja Kłos
Alexander Straser
Anthony Ursin
Daniel Kornilov
Samantha Beining
Adrian Le Digabel
Blake Hendricks
Maëlle Beltran
Anna Kathryn Straser
Jasmin Petrugan
Tommaso Gribaudo
Autumn Grace Lowery
Semih Sefa Cay
Leandro Van Pelt
Estella Nolan
Alyona Hohryakova

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