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Happy Kids Models, founded and directed by Maria Vargas, is responsible for the training, professionalisation and representation of children's models, acting as intermediaries before the companies that require their services, be they commercial brands, producers, advertisers, magazines or any other advertising medium.

The agency works with children models, classified by age category: Baby (up to 3 years), Child (from 3 to 7 years old) and Kid (from 8 to 12 years old), who lead children's fashion catalogues, Photography, parades, as well as any type of advertising event. It joins the beauty of each one of them, being extroverted, expressive, unwieldy and with a marked personality, which allows obtaining excellent results. Know-how, constancy and daily struggle mean that Happy Kids Models has a portfolio of important clients, growing day by day with the incorporation of new brands.

At Happy Kids Models, there is a constant concern for children. The basic pillars on which the agency is based reside in love and respect towards them, highlighting among its strengths the excellent treatment of children and parents.

Maria's experience as the mother of four children, two of them currently models, has provided her with some of the know-how she has acquired. Knowledge of the sector and business, trends and tastes of the market, with a business vocation and a good organisational capacity, is constantly concerned about its customers and adapts to their needs, helping them at all times in the selection, screening and election of Children that best fit your requirements. To facilitate the work of the client, the agency produces books and composites (presentation of the model with photos, data and measurements), with a high level of quality. Happy Kids Models bets on customer loyalty, through a continuous and personalised attention, an adaptation to the demands of the clients

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