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Eyecandy Model Management Inc is a full service modelling and casting agency devoted to discovering fresh faces from all ages and from different ethnicities.

We make sure that we create developmental opportunities for our talents through series of workshops and trainings.

We are also doing all possible ways to let them be more prepared and equipped before sending and presenting them out, it is to ensure efficient and professional service are provided to our clients.

Since 2014, we materialized our vision of specializing in Kid Models, by training them to sing, dance, and act. With our passionate and competitive agents and talent managers who personally pick, train and manage our talents, we believe that we have the aptitude in providing quality and cast-worthy artists and models.

Come 2019, we are planning to widen up our pool of talents and provide variety of faces in all ages to our existing and new customers. Back then we were tagged as the BEST Kid Models agency in the metro and have been entrusted by models and clients in works such as television commercials, print ads, digital ads, social media campaigns, runway shows, conventions, trade shows, special events both local and international, music videos and films.

Now we will be bolder and brighter by catering wider casting requirements and soon be launching fresh and new faces from teens, to yuppies, to mommies and to daddies roles.

For 2020, we will widen our efforts and potentials in the field of talent casting. Re-branding as Eyecandy Talent Management, we will also be creating a roster of talents who can crossover to mainstream media like television and movie acting. Besides, realizing the constant growth of social media advertising,

EYECANDY TALENT MANAGEMENT will be developing online media talents who can be content creators and influencers needed by clients to help promote their brand's image.

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