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ESAEM is one of the European centers of reference in intensive multidisciplinary training of artists (actors, dancers and singers).

The Escuela Superior de Artes Escénicas de Málaga (ESAEM) is one of the European centers of reference in the creation and intensive multidisciplinary training of artists in dramatic art, dance and song.
It is the only school specialized in performing arts that offers official training from 4 years of age:
From 4 to 16 years old -> Professional Conservatory of Dance and Performing Arts
From 16 to 18 years old -> Bachelor of Performing Arts, Music and Dance
From 18 years old -> Degree in Performing Arts
The success of the school is due to its intensive program and the quality of its teaching staff, made up of the best teachers and professionals at the national level, renowned choreographers, directors of musicals, films and TV, dancers, actors and singers.
Every year students from all over Spain and from abroad attend the school. For this reason ESAEM offers the "First Residence for Performing Arts Students".
We are proud that our students occupy positions in the main TV programs and large national and international productions. But above all, that they transmit and make art, culture and its values ​​grow, forming part of the great heritage that is the artistic legacy of humanity.
"It is more than an art school,
is Art as a school of life "

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