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naugurated in 2012 in the city of Barcelona, Corella Dance Academy is born out of the desire of siblings Ángel and Carmen Corella to promote the art of classical dance in our country, developing a full blown project of high performance training for new generations. Backed by the international renown of star dancer Ángel Corella and endorsed by his brilliant professional career path, the Academy, directed by principal dancers Carmen Corella (soloist at the American Ballet Theatre) and Dayron Vera (principal at the National Ballet of Cuba) has begun an ambitious project of an educational, artistic and cultural nature.
An initiative of such a high level means an international diffusion and the possibility of being on par with the best European and American schools, given that Spain is recognized worldwide as an excellent source of dancers.
Corella Dance Academy, taking the great international schools as an example, wants to establish, with headquarters in Barcelona, a method of classical teaching that will train the best of professionals. Our aim is to make dance a way of life.

14 since Jan 25, 2021

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