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With over 35 years as one of Australia's leading model agencies, it's no wonder the Chadwick name is synonymous with the business of beautiful people.

Chadwick Model Agency is run by Directors Martin Walsh, Matthew Anderson, and Daniel Kinross and supported by a further 15 dedicated staff throughout Sydney , Melbourne and Perth.

The man behind the name is Peter Chadwick who for30 years enjoyed a reputation as one of the most respected and well-liked individuals operating in the modelling community.

With only one other competing agency on the scene in those early days, Peter was able to build an agency based on firm ethics which continues to this day.

As a breed, Chadwick models don't fall far from the tree. Our girls and guys have a reputation for professionalism, hard work and being down-to-earth. There's a very simple reason for this: the right attitude can be as important as the right look.

Over the years the Chadwick agency has discovered and developed some of the most recognisable faces in the world – names like Elle Macpherson, Rachel Hunter, Toneya Bird , Travis Fimmel, Jessica Hart and Andrej Pejic to name a few.

Then there are the hundreds who have spread across the world, forging long-term careers in the fashion capitals of New York, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo.

Several Chadwick models have gone on to become success stories in the acting world. Cameron Diaz, Peta Wilson, Julian McMahon and Naomi Watts were all at one time signed with the agency.

Chadwick Model Agency started in 1971 under the name Griffins, before being sold to Peter Chadwick in 1976, who later took on business partner Stuart Cameron.

Four years later a young male model who had started in Adelaide named Martin Walsh signed on with Chadwick in 1980. In 1984 Martin traveled to New York and signed on with the Ford agency and for the next 10 years worked extensively throughout the US and Europe while based out of New York.

In 1995 he returned to Sydney as Peter Chadwick's business partner and shareholder in the agency, taking over from Stuart Cameron who had relinquished his position in 1993 to exclusively manage Elle Macpherson.

A steep learning curve ensued under Peter's watchful eye, and model became model agent.

With Mathew Anderson at the helm of Chadwick Melbourne, that division continued to build and eventually dominate that local market. A few years later Chadwick Perth was born, quickly uncovering some of the most exciting modelling talent in the world.

In September 2006, with 30 years in the business under his belt Peter Chadwick made the decision to retire from the agency, divesting his majority shareholding to Martin Walsh.

Also at that time long term Melbourne manager Mathew Anderson and financial controller Daniel Kinross became shareholding directors.

The name Chadwick, however, will remain permanently imprinted on the door.

It goes without saying that all at Chadwick are committed to maintaining the reputation for quality and professionalism that name has always inspired.

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