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Founded in Milan in 2008, the Center sees the Artistic Direction of Marisa Caprara, Maitre de Ballet and President of A.I.D.A. and boasts the collaboration of graduates from the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School and other renowned teachers, such as Renata Calderini, Monica Perego, Sophie Sarrote, Ana Presta, Anthony Heinl, Attila Csiki. The Center also makes use of the prestigious artistic collaboration of Biagio Tambone, Official Choreographer and Guest Teacher of the School.
The AIDA Training Center, a school of high professional training for dancers, represents a unique reality in the panorama of Italian dance.
The Center's teaching is based on the Scala program and offers 360 ° training, which ranges from the study of classical-academic dance to learning the main techniques of contemporary dance.
The recognized prestige, guaranteed by the patronage of A.I.D.A., together with the close cooperation with various European schools and realities opens up the possibility for students to approach other methods and techniques.
During the training, the student is gradually accompanied into the world of work through the realization of theatrical performances, a concrete possibility for dancers, at the end of their training course, to live and enter a professional experience, supported by the opportunity to work at close contact with the choreographer and artistic creation

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