BoysDance Magazine No.9
BoysDance Magazine No.9

BoysDance Magazine No.9

United Kingdom



In this issue:

Featured dancer - Jared Osoria, a 17 y.o. boy dancer from California, USA. Jared has been dancing from the time that he could stand, giving his first performance at 1.5 years. He fell in love with ballet at 9 years old when he took his first all-boys ballet class. When he was cast that same year as Fritz he was hooked. It’s the joy of dance and sharing it with others that has motivated him throughout the years.

Featured photographer of this issue is amazing Patricia Martinez aka Canela Photography. Patricia is a professional photographer based in San DIego, USA. She is also an author of the incredible cover photo featuring Jared Osoria.

We are also excited to present The Hammond - a nationally recognised centre of excellence for dance, musical theatre, drama and music training in the UK.

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Jared Osoria
Braylon Browner

87 since Feb 14, 2021

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