BoysDance Magazine No.5
BoysDance Magazine No.5

BoysDance Magazine No.5

United Kingdom



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Featured dancer - Aydin Eyikan, a 16-year-old boy dancer from the USA. Aydin was a contestant on NBC’s World Of Dance Season 3. He also was the NYCDA 2018 National Teen Male Outstanding Dancer. In collaboration with the amazingly talented photographer Julianna D’Agati Aydin has prepared a fantastic series of photos taken on the streets of New York City, which we proudly feature in this issue, including the cover image.

Featured photographer of this issue is fabulous Birdy Peacock. Birdy has been trained as both a dancer and photographer. And she is happy being able to combine both passions of dance and photography into one.

In her article, the dedicated dance mom Hannah-Adjoah Smith explores a topic of raising a boy dancer in the world full of women. She concludes that ‘gender should never be a fortress to imprison the dreamer or an obstacle to the dream.’

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Aydin Eyikan
Vasily Sobolev
Otis Phoenix
Zak Smith

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