BoyDance Magazine No.2
BoyDance Magazine No.2

BoyDance Magazine No.2

United Kingdom



In this issue:

featured dancer - Easton Magliarditi, a 13-year-old dancer from the USA, along with other six boy dancers from the USA, Canada, UK, and South Africa!

Featured dance photographer - amazing Sandra Benčičová from Slovakia. Front cover, featuring Easton Magliarditi, is by absolutely talented photographer Heather Magliarditi.

Back cover, featuring 13-year-old Xander Perone (USA), is by David Gardiner.

Starting with this issue, we will continuously publish materials on how to proactively prevent bullying of boy dancers in schools and among their peers outside schools. The first article 'Boy dancers and bullying: how to make schools safe' examines the issue from three points of view - the teacher, the parent, and the boy dancer himself...

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Parker James Fullmore
Easton Magliarditi
Xander Perone
Miguel Kenneth Franco-Green
Harrison Edward Last

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