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The Balé Jovem de São Vicente was created in 2002 in the Horto Municipal da Cidade building, serving children living in areas of great social vulnerability and enabling, through dance and culture, the realization of dreams and the transformation of the individual.
The course, which was called Ballet do Horto Municipal, started with just five
neighborhood children, under the coordination of Geyssa Alencar and Sabrina Olimpio.
After one year, in 2003, the number of children served increased from five to more than 120 students, serving children and young people, who reside in different areas of
São Vicente, Santos, Cubatão, Guarujá, Itanhaem and Interior of São Paulo.
With cultural and technical development, students began to participate
in dance competitions (festivals), also enabling participation in
courses and workshops.
The project became a major training center and changed its name to
São Vicente Young Ballet, where today it attends about 500 young people, changing
their lives through the art of dance and winning over 800 trophies for the school.

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